Monday, December 11, 2006

i got into isb


Monday, December 04, 2006

faking it

sherlock holmes has the stories, the tv series, the movies, the merchandise, the really really bad jokes. there are a thousand websites with doyley riffs on what the chap did next.
some are very good. short, sweet, occasionally wickedly funny.

but now there is this woman l. king who's apparently writing
the further adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.

{Gasp, choke}

and doing it very, very badly.
read the bio, read the blurb, read the rave reviews and copyright, read the oscar acceptance
(i'd like to thank my mom and dad and poodle and ipod.....)

she didn't really have permission to mess with a legend
it's bad enough when incompetent singers do bad covers of a classic songs
but for some two bit nothing to take on holmes, and ... romanticize him {quel horreur}
such blasphemers should just be shot

most official take overs don't work out too well either
john gardener writes about ian fleming's james bond (having permission from the estate)
poor 007 has to learn computer programming to infiltrate a viral terrorist group
his lines resemble the fumblings of a sophomoric frat boy
he not flemming's bond. he's some screw up with the same name
{nothing againts programmers, salt of the earth}

there's now the money penny diaries
ten pages and i felt a bit sick

lawrence sander's estate has ceded archy mcnally to some lardo
there's something very hollow about poor archy, now almost a caricature.
he's trying too hard to be the bon vivant that first gamboled through palm beach

clive cussler, tom clancy are in colaboration with other insignificants to prop up the series
the results are bland, formulaic nothings, i didn't think worth the three hours
{and more for op center, tommy boy still believes in value for money}
specially when you have the option of better written original stuff by the new kids on the block.

i'd be surprised to find anyone who liked alexandra ripley's scarlett o'hara (believe it or not)
or the really trite mrs. de winter

why do this?

it's like having a good friend get lobotomised and then being stuck with them through monster traffic, or god forbid, when your flight's been delayed and the snack bar/book store is closed.
all you do is bitch bitch bitch about how much they've changed and how you so preferred them before this expensive revivification.

can't they just go out and invent new stories?
i'd much rather be making fond noises about how nice that young Matthew Reilly is, he's grown so well, reminds me of diehl in his salad days.

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - body snatching is disgusting

(note, i'm still reading all this - sucker that i am)

to his credit, eric lustbader has done a brilliant job with the next step in Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series.
(all ye matt damon fans - rejoice!)
Bourne legacy is a fantastic novel, true to both the character and the style of the original, yet distinctlvely an eric story.

Dean Koontz reworked the frankenstien legend beautifully, Ashok Banker has done an impressive reinterpretation of the Ramayana

these are the exceptions that prove the rule:
sequls are bad.
colaborations on a series are worse.
messing with an icon is the kiss of death.